Reminders on How to Avoid Illegal Recruiters

According to Republic Act No. 10022, otherwise known as the Migrant Workers Act”  defines illegal recruitment as any act of canvassing, enlisting, contracting, transporting, utilizing, hiring, or procuring workers and includes referring, contract services, promising or advertising for employment abroad, whether for profit or not, when undertaken by non-licensee or non-holder of authority. It shall likewise include the following acts, whether committed by any person, whether a non-licensee, non-holder, licensee or holder of authority.

illegal recruiters

Suspecting an illegal recruiter

The following are some key indicators that you’re being recruited by an illegal recruiter:

  • The recruiter immediately charges a placement fee or any corresponding fee without a receipt.
  • Promises quick and easy departure to another country.
  • Requires immediate medical examination or training even without a clear employer or contract.
  • Deals with applicants in public locations such as restaurants, malls, and so on, rather than at the licensed agency’s office.
  • House-to-house when recruiting applicants.
  • Provides insufficient information on the job being applied for.
  • Says that a direct employer is in contact and applicants do not have to go through the POEA.
  • Assists and assures quick departure of the applicant with a tourist or visit visa.
  • There is no proof of employment contract or a valid working visa.
  • Identifies a licensed recruitment agency employee without displaying ID.
  • Making an introduction that these recruiters have connections with a travel agency or a training center.
  • Applicants are encouraged to recruit additional applicants in order to speed their dismissal.
  • They display a lack of sufficient and accurate personal information, such as a full name or address.
  • Guarantees that all paperwork will be sent to the POEA for processing (especially in the case of EPS-Korea).

How to Avoid Illegal Recruitment

The following are helpful reminders to prevent being a victim of illegal recruitment:

  • Do not apply to any recruitment agencies that are not POEA-approved.
  • Do not work with licensed agencies, working without job orders.
  • Do not deal with anyone who is not a licensed agency’s authorized representative.
  • Do not do business outside of the agency’s registered address. Check to see if the agency has a provincial recruitment authority if recruitment takes place in the province.
  • Do not spend more than the maximum amount for a placement. It should be enough to cover a month’s income, exclusive of documentation and processing fees.
  • Do not pay a placement fee unless you have signed a valid job contract and an official receipt.
  • Do not be allured by advertisements or brochures that ask you to respond to a P.O. Box and enclose payment for paper processing.
  • Do not deal with travel agencies and training centers. Which guarantee overseas employment.
  • Avoid accepting a tourist visa.
  • Avoid dealing with fixers.

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