Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Team Meetings

Employee meetings on a regular basis are a key aspect of good employee communication. Since the majority of things is found and held online at this time. Meetings, brainstorming, and group discussions about a certain topic are widely done in Zoom, Gmeet, Viber, Skype, and other similar platforms. These are one of the most often used applications for conducting group meetings.


Here are some ways to help you improve and conduct productive team meetings for your small business during this pandemic:

Establish a schedule for staff meetings

Schedule of meetings can be influenced by a number of factors, including:

  • Employees’ number
  • Employees’ location
  • Workload
  • Involvement of time

As recommended all-employee staff meetings should be held at least once every six months, if possible.

Determine who should be present at each meeting

Meetings with the staff can be used for different purposes.. Not all employees are required to attend every meeting.

An example of a meeting schedule is as follows:

  • Every six months – All employees gather for a company-wide staff meeting.
  • Once a month – All personnel in the department gather for department staff meetings.
  • Once a month – Management team meetings for managers only.
  • Every two weeks – Project team meetings are held for project team members alone.
  • Daily – Employee huddle – every day for 5 minutes, all employees gather to discuss and share successes and priorities for the day.

Confirm that those in attendance are truly necessary and that their time will be well spent.

Select topics for meetings

Choose topics that will have the greatest influence many employees or that will be of interest to the broadest range of employees.

The following are some suggested topics for your staff meetings:


  • Providing updates on the company’s goals
  • Sharing important news and information
  • Giving praise and acknowledgment on employee’s hard work
  • Inviting employees to provide updates and feedbacks

Prepare a schedule ahead of time

Make an agenda for your staff meeting ahead of time.

Include the following on the agenda:

  • The meeting’s purpose
  • The meeting’s expected duration
  • Allotted time for each topic on the agenda
  • Decisions that must be made before the end of the meeting

Share the agenda with your team so they can get ready for the meeting.

An agenda will keep you and your team focused during the meeting and help you make the most of the time you have.

Make arrangements for the meeting

Schedule meetings in advance if you intend to have them on a regular basis. One alternative is to schedule the meeting at the same time each time.

If it’s a one-time meeting, give employees as much notice as possible so they can make the required arrangements.

Organize and conduct the meeting

  • Employees should be welcomed to the meeting.
  • Share the agenda as well as the amount of time you’ve set aside for the meeting.
  • Make every effort to conform to the schedule as closely as possible.
  • If there is a requirement for employee participation, be sure to be encouraging and supporting.
  • Someone should record the meeting’s minutes or notes, as well as any decisions reached, so that they can be followed up on later.
  • Allow adequate time at the end of the meeting for questions and answers.

Request feedback on how to make staff meetings more effective

Inquire with employees about what might be done to improve staff meetings.

Meetings can quickly become boring; your staff will be able to provide comments on how to make them more interesting and engaging.

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